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ForumsCog Forum → Requires: Cog - Surface triggers switch2.mat
Requires: Cog - Surface triggers switch2.mat
2005-02-10, 1:45 AM #1
Hello All.

I hope the Subject was clear enough.

I do not know much about Cogs.

I am working on a level and my current problem might require a cog (others recommended me to this particular forum).

In essence, I have a mat. The mat has 2 frames (much like a switch does). Lets say for this example, the mat is a painting. The 2nd frame of the painting, is the same painting but now smiling.

I would like to create (or rather have someone create it for me) a cog that when a player walks down a passage and passes thru an 'adjoined surface' that he triggers the mat to its 2nd frame position.

The mat should stay in its "2nd frame" until the player leaves that sector and passes back thru the 'adjoined surface' that triggered it in the first place (where it then reverts back to its original frame1 painting mat).

First, let me know if this is possible...
* If it is, I could settle for this much*

But preferably, I would also like...
Secondly, if it is possible, the complicated part (I think) comes in here....
I want this effect to be 'locally' ( i think that is the word ). In that, I only want the player who passed thru the 'adjoined surface' to witness the changing of the mat (all other players, on the other side of the surface should ONLY see switch in frame1).

Should this be possible, it could open some ideas I have wide open. =) And I have many applications for this cog that could make a level seem "more Real".

Thank you, in Advance.

** bows **
High_Councillor, Light Jedi_Master
JAS: Jedi Against Sith
2005-02-10, 4:57 AM #2
Shouldn't be a problem. I'll give it a try when I have some time.
"Häb Pfrässe, süsch chlepfts!" - The coolest language in the world (besides Cherokee)
2005-02-10, 5:11 AM #3
Ok, I've whipped something up. It's untested (no JK at work), but I'll test it later when I'm at home.

The trigger1 surface sets cell 1 when crossed and the trigger2 sets cell 0. You can easily edit this behaviour by yourself, as the cog is pretty simple.
"Häb Pfrässe, süsch chlepfts!" - The coolest language in the world (besides Cherokee)
2005-02-10, 2:28 PM #4
I tested it, but there is a strange error message about the cog being deactivated or whatever. Haven't messe with level cogs in a long while, so maybe someone else can fix it?
"Häb Pfrässe, süsch chlepfts!" - The coolest language in the world (besides Cherokee)
2005-02-11, 2:05 PM #5
hmmm... your cog looks fine to me Zag. :confused:
Haven't tested it myself, but I don't see how this could be screwing up. :\

Aha! Parsec saves the day!
you forgot the '=' in "flags=0x240"
May the mass times acceleration be with you.
2005-02-15, 4:18 AM #6
That cog worked just fine, zag (and slaw).

As I was using it however, for its true purpose, I was thinking there may be an easier way to use it.

Is it possible to have the same cog work, but not switch1 surface and switch2 surface ...but instead just to give the cog a "filename.mat" variable (much like 'matanim.cog' does. You give it a mat file, and it animates the mat.).

That way one would only have to F7-add cog once, instead of every instance of the mat file he wishes to switch to switch2.

** In my previous post, I described the example as a 'painting' (because others i had spoken to found what i am about to describe as "hard to follow")...

The original concept was reflections on water. Say you have a pond, surrounded by mnts and sky. The nice water is clear and rippling (both accomplished), and u see the distant mnts (16bit, done)...and the reflection of those mnts upon the water (accomplished by 16bit mats w/ motion blur on them; then inverted upside down in the water)....your COG added the more-realism effect of: "when a player enters the water, he will no longer see the reflection from above, but instead the actual bottom slopes of the mnts in the distance".

There are still some added things I am trying to work on conceptually, as to what would make such a scene 'most real' (aka, i have ambient bird sounds, working)....

But to continue with this same thread, can the cog be made to: GIVEN A MAT file, and 2 surfaces (enter, exit); switch MAT file.?

** bows **
Thank you, in advance, for a job well done.
Kudoss to Zag, for his initiative.
High_Councillor, Light Jedi_Master
JAS: Jedi Against Sith
2005-02-15, 1:59 PM #7
I may have misinterpreted what you said, but the cog will now set a material's cel instead of just a single surface's cel.

Or did you mean to specify a material for surfaces that the player crosses? Like every time the player crosses an adjoin with the texture, say, 00_waterX.mat, the scenery would change.
May the mass times acceleration be with you.
2005-02-15, 3:24 PM #8
Thanx to Zag and Slaw.

Both cogs work great.

Now, I have to run some tests to improve framerate (has nothing to do with the cogs).

Perhaps I will discuss some more questions / concepts I have on the regular Editing JK / JED forum.

About framerate, mat size, sector size, etc...

** bows **
High_Councillor, Light Jedi_Master
JAS: Jedi Against Sith

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