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COG's & Programming
2005-04-18, 8:41 AM #1
I understand the C language for the JK COG's, but I understand Visual Basic/BASIC language better. Does anyone know of any converter's? It's not too important, but it'd be nice to have...Thanks again...
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2005-04-18, 11:22 AM #2
This should probably have gone in the COG forum, but whatever... just saying.

As far as I know, there are no converters, and since COG is fairly specialized, I'm wagering it'd be a lot of trouble to put something like that together. As long as you use CogWriter and double check the code with Parsec, you shouldn't have much to worry about.
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2005-04-18, 2:39 PM #3
COG is only aesthetically C-like! :mad:
2005-04-18, 3:36 PM #4
If you know VBasic, cog should be no problem. The languages aren't exactly similar, but they're no more complex than the other.

But what the heck do I know, I'm pretty fluent in VBasic and can't code crap in it. I guess I was never ment to code :-(
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2005-04-18, 6:04 PM #5
If I remember my VERY BRIEF stint into programming with COG, it's not all that different from..any programming language. I'm pretty sure with your current knowledge of VB, you can pick up COG.

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2005-04-19, 7:05 PM #6
I picked up VB so fast because I knew cog...
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