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changing force powers
2005-06-05, 3:52 AM #1
What do you need to do to replace an existing force power, eg. force_deadlysight, with a new power? I have tried making a new cog with the same name, but the game itslef simply ignores the new cog in favour of the original (is it reading it direct from the disc?). So I guess I have missed an important step...
2005-06-05, 5:14 AM #2
I gotta run but JK reads nothing from the disk. Most likely you did something wrong, like put the new cog in the wrong folder. Make sure it's in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight\Resource\cog\

2005-06-05, 10:08 AM #3
I think you may have found my mistake, ReT. I am always getting mixed up with folders, and never put all the right things in Resource. All of my cogs, including my items and force power cogs, are in my episode/cog folder with the rest of the level cogs. I'm going to sort it out now. Cheers!:)

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