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ForumsCog Forum → PYR and attaching objects question.
PYR and attaching objects question.
2005-10-04, 9:00 AM #1
Is it possible to 'attach' things to a player object (like a car, for instance) and they rotate as the player object rotates? No matter if it's pitch, yall, or roll? Given that the location of their origin is the same...

Alternately, I guess another way to approach it, is it possible for multible objects's PYR to be controled by a single player?
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2005-10-05, 3:44 PM #2
I think there's an attach flag for having PYR carry over to an object. For your second question, if the objects aren't attached, just set the look vector to the look vector of the other thing in a pulse.
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2005-10-06, 5:49 PM #3
You should refer to the CTF cogs from Jedi Knight on how they handle attaching the flags to the players. If you are using MotS, you can also look at the cog used for the blaster cannon as that are verbs used to rotate the cannon with the player.
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2005-10-07, 10:21 AM #4
Similar line of questioning...

Is it possible to hold the players PYR fixed and rotate all other 3do's around it as the player moves the controls?
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