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ForumsCog Forum → Side Scroller COG?
Side Scroller COG?
2009-12-28, 9:51 AM #1
Hey guys, Was wondering if someone has, or can rig a COG that will handle a side scrolling camera? You may remember my Jedi Mario Bro's idea? Any help is appreciated.
2009-12-28, 2:09 PM #2
Lord_Grismath has one from his Life of a Grismath level I believe. He'd be the one to ask.
2009-12-29, 6:35 PM #3
I have one which makes use of PlayerAction (i.e. it's MotS-only). To see my full solution, download LoG 02 from this site. The cog is called sgb.cog and the jkl is sgb.jkl. My solution is very simple to implement but is somewhat primitive.

For a much more developed and polished solution, I suggest searching these forums or the JKHub for Shred14's Sonic the Hedgehog mod, which is for JK.
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