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GSX_basic for MOTS
2012-08-01, 4:32 PM #1
This message is for Edward or anyone else that would like to comment. I would like to say my thanks for his GSX basic for MOTS. It works great, as I already played through MOTS with it. I just realized when I got to the end there was just one thing missing; there are no enemy lightsabers. Dark Mara, dark Kyle and Sith zombies are missing their sabers, the mod results in rendering all their sabers invisible. How hard would it be to make a GSX that includes that? If you or someone could that I would be so stoked, that's the only thing it needs. Other than that it works great. Good job. Does anyone know if Xzero is on these forums?
2012-08-01, 6:41 PM #2
Just so there is no confusion, this mod is at the JKhub under Gibbagoba's files.

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