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ForumsJedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith Editing Forum → Exporting a JK level into other 3D formats?
Exporting a JK level into other 3D formats?
2018-02-21, 1:06 PM #1
Hey guys!

I remember there was a way to do this because I did it before, but I've since forgotten, and a quick scan of the tools pages on Massassi and JKHub did not bear fruit.

Anyone remember what program can do this?
2018-02-25, 11:12 PM #2
You let me down, Massassi.
2018-02-28, 1:58 PM #3
is this it?
2018-03-01, 11:12 AM #4
Originally posted by SMLiberator:

I don't thiink so--UDK is no longer supported as a platform and I'm not familiar with the T3D format.

What I remember was being able to export a level into OBJ format. I actually HAVE an OBJ export of the first level, scrounged up from my email attachments from 2015, but I can't remember how I made it :(
2018-03-01, 11:43 AM #5
is it this (which doesn't appear to be up anymore)?
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2018-03-01, 12:39 PM #6
That's definitely it!!

I wonder if FGR still has it. Paging FGR to the thread
2018-03-02, 10:05 AM #7
Oh boy. If you find it, please share. I never got around to learning how to model anything other than 3dos and it would be nice to know all the time I wasted making models wasn't in vain in case I decide to start editing another engine
2018-03-02, 6:32 PM #8
3do Converter

This is the process I use:
From ZED -> To 3D Studio
1) Export as .3DO file
2) Use 3doconvert with the following Options and convert 3DO > DXF:
--- a) [Check] Center Model
--- b) Scale: 100
--- c) Rotate X-axis: 0

If you want to convert in the opposite direction:
From 3D Studio -> To ZED
1) Export as .3DS file
2) Go to and convert the file 3DS > OBJ
3) Use 3doconverter with the following Options and convert OBJ > 3DO:
--- a) [Check] Center Model
--- b) Scale: 0.01
--- c) Rotate X-axis: 90
2018-06-08, 10:57 PM #9
Check it out, yo
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2018-06-09, 11:57 PM #10
(At any rate, I'll probably remove that file at some point, so better get it while it's still there!)
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum

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