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Modding Utilities on Windows 10
2021-03-09, 3:43 PM #1
I have been trying to use Patch Commander and jed_95 but with both programs they ask for the location of my JK install. This would be no problem except that neither program seems to be able to find my installs :mad:. Is there a way to solve this problem? I am using the GOG versions and I have Windows 10, so I am wondering if this would have an effect.
2021-03-09, 10:29 PM #2
Haven't used Patch Commander in roughly 20 years, but IIRC one of the reasons why ZED (and other upgrades like NJED) was made (aside from general improvements etc.) was to bypass that "not finding the JK install" issue
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2021-03-10, 2:21 AM #3
I have literally never used Patch Commander, and honestly I believe it's entirely skippable. Both ZED and NJED are preferrable to JED anyway as they're more recent and have some new features. NJED, for example, includes .obj imports (although honestly that's the only thing I use NJED for, the rest of the time I'm using ZED - don't ask me why)
2021-03-10, 4:01 AM #4
Thank guys, I didn't know about those two programs before. Though, as for Patch Commander how would one use mods like Spork etc. without it? Most of those kind of game mods seem to tell me to install them with Patch Commander.
2021-03-10, 6:13 AM #5
Command line switches are the way to go. You can create a shortcut to jk.exe with "-path [your mod path]" as an argument. As in
"D:/Games/JKDF2/jk.exe" -path mod

That's pretty much what Patch Commander does, actually
2021-03-11, 3:54 AM #6
I have now tried this several times and when I do the game doesn't even seem to open at all either that or it CTD upon opening very quickly.
2021-03-11, 8:56 AM #7
Are you using Jedi Knight Remastered perhaps? It uses its own executable and running jk.exe doesn't work properly.
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2021-03-12, 2:51 PM #8
I am using Jedi Knight Remastered but I am having the same problem with it's launcher as well. Also the ordinary JK launcher starts without any crashes until I try to start with Command line switches.
2021-03-12, 3:01 PM #9
If by launcher you mean Jedi.exe, you can skip that. Command line switches (and inject.exe) are meant to be used with jk.exe, the game executable itself.
2021-03-12, 4:07 PM #10
By launcher I did mean JK.exe and the Jedi Knight Remastered program “inject”, I don't know why I called them launchers.
2021-03-13, 6:01 PM #11
That's odd. I don't know why it's crashing. Are you sure you're using switches correctly? Do note that -path is meant to point to a directory containing just the files of the mod you want to use. If there's more than one mod in that folder (and they're not compatible with each other), you might consider moving unwanted ones to a subfolder. If everything's ok, could it be the mods you're using?
2021-03-15, 5:44 PM #12
That clears things up, thank. I was linking to the file itself and I didn't realise that you have to link to the general folder.

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