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change weapon damage
2003-01-03, 8:19 AM #1
i've looked through all the assest files and to no avail, i cannot find anything anywhere that will allow me to alter the damage a weapon deals. so can someone tell me how to change a weapons damage value?
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2003-01-03, 9:53 AM #2
I don't know anything about this sort of thing, but it can probably be done using scripting. I know that you can change the health of any NPC by editing their scripts, which may be an alternative to what you are looking for.
2003-01-04, 10:57 AM #3
i don't believe you can. i may be dumb in saying this and be compeletly incorrect but i think it will require sdk to change it.
roses are red, violets are blue, I am schizophrenic, and I am too!
2003-01-04, 12:23 PM #4
For SP, no. Lowering the health of NPCs is a good work around.
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2011-09-11, 5:50 PM #5
except editing npc health means that all the other guns will be more powerful too. what if you only want one gun to be more powerful than all the others?
2011-09-12, 2:10 PM #6
What the ****

If this isn't a bot: You can't change the weapon damage of particular weapons because the SP game didn't provide the code to do so.
2011-09-17, 12:18 AM #7
I also looked through some assest files.
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