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Queston about ModView
2004-05-15, 4:46 AM #1
What am I doing wrong when it says "file system call made without initialization" ?

Is there a better program I should be using also?

ANd is it possible to make a black lightsaber BLADE, not hilt?
2004-05-15, 10:44 AM #2
I'm not sure about the error but there is no program better for viewing models than ModView until, Wudan comes out with Dragon that is. []

Yes it is possible, go into assets1.pk3


then change any of the saber groups to be completely black inclduing the glow and the swordtrail. And you've got a black saber.

By the way, welcome to Massassi. []
Free your mind, use Open Source.
2004-05-15, 10:51 AM #3
Completely black shaders don't show.
2004-05-15, 2:00 PM #4
Thanks []

I skinned this last night

2004-05-15, 10:41 PM #5
Nice Skin + Graphics, i have mine on the highest setting possible but they still dont seem as nice :\

aim: shishnit07
aim: shishnit07
2004-05-16, 12:41 AM #6
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Completely black shaders don't show..</font>

Your right, but you can set them to a pretty dark grey and you can't tell the difference ingame.

[This message has been edited by Freyr (edited May 16, 2004).]
Free your mind, use Open Source.
2004-05-16, 12:07 PM #7
ATi Radeon 9800 Pro (128)
Third party catalyst drivers


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