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Big Lighting Problem.............................
2004-05-27, 7:52 PM #1
K my problem is this: I used GTK radient and made a light of an intensity of 1000. I want to make it less bright. when I try to remove this light (the map info box also tells me there are no lights in my map), I still have light? someone said before that I might have given a worldspawn or something else the properties of a light. how do I change?

Please help, I've tryed negetive light to counter act but doest work.

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2004-05-27, 10:14 PM #2
Did you compile after you deleted the light?
2004-05-28, 2:39 AM #3
if you have ambient light in your worldspawn entity, it would be throughout the map. just select a regular architecture brush and hit the 'n' key.

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2004-05-29, 10:11 AM #4
Blood: no ambient light in worldspawn when I hit n' key.

gothicx: by compile do you mean running BSP? in that cas yes I ran BSP after changes.

"Im not scared Master Yoda." "You will be."

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