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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → how to add a little ambient light to your map
how to add a little ambient light to your map
2004-06-15, 5:16 AM #1
i just want to add a little ambiant light to my map...just enough to see anything a little. i know this has something to do with worldspan...But i dont know how to use it

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2004-06-15, 5:22 AM #2
Use a key of "ambient", with a value of 20-30. You're probably better off using _minlight in worldspawn tho, which lightens shadows, and doesn't touch already lit area's.
2004-06-15, 8:08 AM #3
_minlight sets the minimum light value; if _minlight is, say, 300, and you have an area with 400 lighting, it remains unaffected. If an area is lit 100, than _minlight makes it 300. You can use _color in the worldspawn to set the ambient color for _minlight or ambient. Some other keys at

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