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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Patching JA.
Patching JA.
2004-06-21, 12:45 AM #1
I have a new comp, as some of you know, and I finally got JA. Now, when I was editting to JO, GTK 1.4.0 did something to JO so that I could run without a CD. I liked that. Now, why won't GTK do the same for JA? I made a quick box, compiled it, ran the game, and tried playing without the CD. Didn't work. Is JA more protected than JO?

Edward's Cognative Hazards
2004-06-21, 1:09 AM #2
You must be day dreaming! I'd be aghast if GTK contained a "NO-CD fix". Not that I would believe you anyway...

GTK is an editor. It doesn't do anything to your game (except mess up some Vjun shaders, but that's another story...).

Frozen by ICARUS
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2004-06-21, 2:39 AM #3
Hm... Well, I remember getting a little no-CD patch for JO that was only for MP. I do have the CD, bought fare and square, but I found it bothersome to switch between JO and JK when I have some project in the background, and I wait for answeres and I decide to play with JO online. This only affected MP. Then, I got a new comp, downloaded GTK, installed, attempted some editing and tried it. I forgot to put in a CD, but for some reason, SP worked without CD. GTK ran JO with my level ready loaded, and all was fine... I looked at the GamesData folder and I saw some new files...
Jedi Knight 2 CD-Check Remover.exe

The zips seem to contain the originals... Has this happened to you?

Edward's Cognative Hazards

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