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Preparing Your Jedi Outcast Map for Release?
2004-06-24, 11:01 AM #1
I have finally completed my first SP map but I am having trouble. I have read Pommys tutorial that talks about a ".arena file". What does this do and how do I set it up for a single player game? Also I have used other people's models and a texture: after I have their permission to use these how do I include these in my map? Are they saved in the .BSP or do I need to save them seperatly?>

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2004-06-24, 1:07 PM #2
You don't need any Arena files with SP maps. Arena files are for MP maps.

BSP contains absolutely nothing but the architecture and lighting (and some technical stuff) of your map. Custom textures, models (except pure misc_models) must be shipped with the level. You either pack them in your .pk3 (if you don't know how to create a .pk3 you need to read some more tutorials) or you ship them as their own, original .pk3s. There are only those two options.

Considering third party components, like models, uou must negotiate with original author if to integrate or not the models. He might want you to ship the model as the original, separate .pk3 or he might allow you to integrate and pack it inside your own .pk3. Either way, give him full credits, and include his original readme, if he so desires, and if you are a polite person.

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2004-06-25, 4:33 AM #3
Entirely correct, lassev.

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