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New Problem! gah
2004-06-26, 3:46 PM #1
Ok, Seems like the old problem mentioned here does not happen when you use an older build of GTK. So i downloaded GTK radiant 1.3.0 and installed it...

now, heres where it gets even more frustrating! when I load Radiant up, the splash logo appears like normal, but then i get the error below.


what does that mean? I'm able to edit prefrences before radiant shuts down (it's asks if i want to) and then it closes.

somtimes a console will pop up and gives the below.


any ideas?

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2004-06-26, 3:53 PM #2
hrmm... noticing GL in a lot of it... possibly update video card drivers? just an idea.

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2004-06-26, 4:18 PM #3
Hot dog, That did it!

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2004-06-26, 4:29 PM #4
Let's celebrate!

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2004-06-26, 10:09 PM #5
I got the same problem... The file path was incorrect. Just reinstall it and give the right path to the game

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2004-06-27, 4:04 AM #6
1. thanks for the help, but the problem has been fixed already

2. it was not with installed paths, the paths were correct, i've installed about 10 times, i've made sure the pathes were right each time.

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