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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → An attempt at JA editing...
An attempt at JA editing...
2004-06-26, 12:49 PM #1
I've decided to take a chance at GTK radient... I'm editing the Tram level to become MP. Problem being that I don't know the code so I can't change the missing parts: Buildings flashing by, Pov Shake outdoors, etc.
Anyway, I'm looking at the Bsp menu, and I'm wondering, which should I click on? I clicked on Q3Map2: (test) BSP -meta -vis -fast -light -fast -super 2 -filter. That one took for ever. Which should I choose to make it save a proper BSP and takes no time at all?

And also, I'm not happy with some of the stuff in GTK. It doesn't display alot of the entities well, eg Enemies. How do I know which is player and which is enemy?

And the trigger brushes, how do I see what they are triggering? Just maybe, if it showed that, I could do some kind of coding...

And finally, how do I resize, move about, and rotate the textures on a brush?
Rotate... That reminds me, how do I rotate the player entities? I tried Rotate on Z axis and Arbitrary Rotation. Nothing happened...

Please help, thanks...

Edward's Cognative Hazards
2004-06-26, 4:12 PM #2
1) Code? Ravensoft didn't release a SP code. There is a way to turn the .bsp file into .map but, in your case, isn't a great idea. You are trying to take someone else's work and make it into a MP level of yours.

The rail level is advanced editing with area portals, fogs, scripts and so on. It might be too complicated for you at this point.

2) Let's say the phrases in the BSP menu that are long are the ones that take a long time....sorta. So there is a pattern seen in the BSP menu. For something quick, try Q3Map2: (single) -light -fast -super 2 or even something quicker.

3) In the main editor window, the entities like NPCs and weapons should have names (like NPC_Stormtrooper next to the NPC red block.) Many entities are color-coordinated. If the names aren't showing up, go to View, then Show, then Names.

4) The trigger brushes should have an arrow to what they are triggering. In their entity window, under targetname key, should be what thing they trigger. Some triggers, like with some doors, are simple while others, like scripted events, are more complex.

5) You can rotate textures by selecting the brush or selecting the surface (Shift+Ctrl+click on surface). Then open the surface inspector (press S) and use the rotate, stretch, etc. keys.

To rotate selected entities, go into their entity windows (press N). Then use the directional buttons (under key and value) for thier angles. You can also select an entity's direction (like light entites) by target an info_null.

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The Massassi JO/JA Single Player contest info
2004-06-26, 10:57 PM #3
For a compile, it's better to use a batch file.

"D:\path\to\q3map2.exe" -meta -v -game ja %1
"D:\path\to\q3map2.exe" -vis -v -saveprt -game ja %1
"D:\path\to\q3map2.exe" -light -v -fast -fastbounce -patchshadows -samples 3 -bounce 4 -dirty -gamma 2 -game ja %1

Enter that in your .bat file (don't forget to set the correct file to Q3map2), put the batch file in /maps/, and drag'n'drop your map files ont it. Trust me, it'll look uber ingame, and be quite fast for a p[owerful compile
2004-06-27, 5:04 AM #4
There are some programs that you can use to de-compile .BSP files into .MAPs, but you can use q3map2 and the command prompt to do it fairly easily. In the command promt, go to the directory of your .BSP (using the command cd C:\thepath\tothefile\) and type in

"C:\putthe\pathto\q3map2.exe" -convert -format map -game jk2 thefilename.bsp
I'm not sure how to adapt this for JA, but try -game ja or something...

Good luck!

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2004-06-27, 11:53 AM #5
I have a new problem concerning the textures. How do I flip them? I've tried the flip buttons but nothing happens. Please give me details...
Edward's Cognative Hazards
2004-06-28, 1:03 AM #6
Something else...
I added custom textures (these are the ones I'm trying to flip) but they won't show... They are just big dflt textures... The error being:
Warning: shader 'texture/custom/new_crate_side1' has lightmap but no lightmap stage!

What am I missing? I didn't add any shader file to it, thought I didn't need it... Do I need one? What are the value names and... values?
Edward's Cognative Hazards
2004-06-28, 3:27 AM #7
Are you sure your custom texture has a dimension of a power of 2?

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The Massassi JO/JA Single Player contest info
2004-06-28, 6:15 AM #8
Hm... 1024x1024. I checked a large texture, it had 1024x1024. It was, 'guts_glowing'.
Can't believe that JA, much better than JK, still has this rule about power of 2...

Edward's Cognative Hazards

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