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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Anyone got any tips for Q3map2 .ase converter?
Anyone got any tips for Q3map2 .ase converter?
2004-07-03, 5:01 PM #1
I have been trying to convert a small brace for my map into an ase model so I can rotate it without distorting it. I searched around at splash damage for some info but I cant get it to work.

What I did was put the brace in its own map, centered it on 0,0,0 and surronded it with a caulk box. I then compiled that map with -meta and -patchmeta but I always get a leak even with the caulk box.

I compiled the resulting bsp with -convert but it gave me an error about a missing parse entity or something. I was also suspicous because the limits it had were all 9999 (this is probably because of the leak in the bsp)

According to the instructions on splash damage the arent supposed to be any entities inside the caulk box but I couldn't get it to stop leaking unless I put a player start, however the -convert stage still gave me an error.

Does anyone have an idea whats wrong?

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2004-07-03, 6:00 PM #2
Of course as soon as I post i figure it out.
All I had to do was put ase in the little box in Q3map2 toolz.
Thanks anyway
2004-07-04, 5:02 AM #3
How about using a real modeling program?

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2004-07-04, 5:16 PM #4
Because it was fairly simple and I already had it made in radiant, but it was getting distorted when I rotated it.
2004-07-05, 11:25 AM #5
Are you making a hollow caulk box around your structure? I always use an info_player_start and I use -leaktest.

If you still can't get it to work try this tutorial:

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