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converting MP skins to SP skins
2004-06-13, 12:21 PM #1
is there any way you can convert MP skins to SP skins? for example, is there anyway i could MP jan and make her playable for SP? also, would it be possible to place jan under the human female category when you are creating a character?
2004-06-14, 6:40 AM #2
Look at the npc.cfg files me guess.

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2004-07-08, 10:08 AM #3
to use a mp skin in sp you take the .skin file for the mp model, copy it 2 time so you have 3 of them then name them head_a1, torso_a1, and lower_a1. Then do the same with your blue .skin file but use b instead of a and do it again with red and use c as the letter. Then take the default icon, copy it 8 times so you have nine and rename them icon_head_a1, b1 and c1, icon_lower_a1, b1 and c1 and icon_torso_a1, b1 and c1. Then you should make a file in notepad called playerchoice and put
//colorshadername {action block}

setcvar ui_char_color_red 255
setcvar ui_char_color_green 255
setcvar ui_char_color_blue 255

into the file. Lastly create a .cfg file in notepad called sounds and put jaden_male/female depending on what sound you want and put the letter m on the next line. Make sure you have the 9 icon files, 9 skin files, the model file, the sound file, the player choice file and the textures in the usual folder that you would put things in for a skin. Put the stuff in a pk3 and put it in your base and you should be able to choose the skin in sp.

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