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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Shader trouble, can somebody shoot it?
Shader trouble, can somebody shoot it?
2004-07-09, 5:55 AM #1
I'm not actually wanting anybody to shoot it, but rather fix it... I made some easygen terrain using some default textures, there were 4 textures in the whole terrain, they didn't have any errors in the actual terrain. I exported them and copied the shader file to the shader folder, and copied it onto the shaderlist...the alphamap is in the base. When i compiled my map, each of the terrain shaders eg terrain_0 and so on had the same error "shader *name* has lightmap but no lightmap stage"

I've encountered this before but please...anyone know how to fix it? Thanks []

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2004-07-10, 6:04 AM #2
does the terrain look the way you want?
is it fullbright?

if there are not visible errors, I think you can ignore that. But I could be wrong.

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2004-07-10, 10:22 PM #3
EasyGen blending can easily be owned by alphaMod volumes now, I'd suggest you use that instead.
2004-07-11, 11:02 AM #4
hehee good to see gothix posting.

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2004-07-12, 6:33 AM #5

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