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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Need Help on New Mod
Need Help on New Mod
2004-07-06, 10:49 PM #1
i am trying to make a multiplayer total conversion of jk2 jo but i dont know where to start i have some of the models i plan to use but thats about it. i am trying to make a class based team battle in which you must try to capture control points. i also plan to use veichles. i really need some tutorials just to get started like making the main menu and all that.
2004-07-07, 1:13 AM #2 are kidding...right???
Or arent you []...

If you want to do that for yourself your busy for a week. You need millions lines of scripting for that!!!

If you want to learn scripting, i am pointing my big, bad finger to Freyer (the scripter of all)

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2004-07-07, 2:45 AM #3
need help, I apprieate your love for freyr :P , I know him pretty well, and he doesn't know one ounce of scripting. As a coder yes, he's awsome, but not a scripter.

If you are looking for someone who knows alot of scripting. I would look toward lassev, or Kengo. Both great scripters in my book.

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2004-07-07, 2:57 AM #4
What you want to do can only be done through C++ coding. It takes a while to learn but is well worth it.

Here is the SDK's (Source Development Kit) you will need to get started.

Here are some turorial sites.

For UI (editing the menus) you really have to learn that by yourself by looking through the code because there is no refrences online.

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2004-07-07, 1:30 PM #5
yes i am serious and know some basic c++. thanks for those sites ill sift throught them and see what i can find.
2004-07-08, 1:47 AM #6
Just remember, it takes a long time to get into the coding of JO. I took me months of doing nothing but staring at the code to get where I am today.

Your mod will surlely take hundreds of lines of code to complete so don't loose hope and keep coding! []

600th Post.
Free your mind, use Open Source.
2004-07-15, 7:35 AM #7
dude! just wait for battlefront!
2004-07-15, 9:38 AM #8
dude! no one cares!

Editors are not just going to hop over to another game because its new...

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