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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → angles
2004-07-17, 5:50 AM #1
i making a platformer mini-mod for JO and Could do with some help
the main problem is getting the camera angle to change when the level loads up.
I need as far as i know to make the game use cg_thirdpersonangle and cg_thirdpersonrange
when the level loads up but the commands only seem to work in MP and also need to run without user input any help greatly appreciated

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2004-07-18, 11:48 AM #2
ok so JO dead now!?!

stop talking in brail

300 years as jedi master i was, now i bloody night-lite

(:-) Monobrow
2004-07-18, 1:18 PM #3
Hmm. Platform (camra going left to right)? Looks like coding. (or some script)

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2004-07-19, 2:54 AM #4
I bet it would work with scripting.

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2004-07-19, 8:34 AM #5
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by sum1givusaname:
ok so JO dead now!?!


YES! IT IS (in my mind)!

You'd probably have to code it to get your idea to work. But just for the hell of it, switch to JA.

(i've said my piece, now i'll quietly fade into the green-and-black background of the massassi forums)

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2004-07-20, 4:28 AM #6
yea get lassev in here. Hes the beast scripter.

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2004-07-22, 3:15 AM #7
Cutscene scripting tutorials, or do you mean just starting the level in the 3rd person view? I'm not sure if/how you can do that-do coding or just leave it be.

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