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Help with Level
2004-08-05, 3:10 AM #1
OK, I'm making a new level. You start off, in a small barracks, you enter a hallway, and than you meet enter a room, and than you hit a switch on the wall. Here is what I would like to happen:

+ In the hall way there is a doorway with a red light over it (beam) indicating that it is locked. So you go into the next door, which is open

+ After you collect weapons and charge up your health, you hit a switch, and a camera goes to the door in the hallway, and the light changes from red to green, indicating that it's now unlocked

Anyone know how I would do this?

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2004-08-05, 7:14 AM #2
You can trigger lights to turn on or off. You can give it a delay so, when the red turns off, the green turns on. Unless, this is a light from shader files...

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2004-08-05, 8:03 AM #3
Thanks, I'll try that later, I had to re-do the level considering that I made the doors all messed up. Well, all for now.
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