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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → single player map question
single player map question
2004-08-14, 10:36 AM #1
I wish to make a map for single player that has you play as a stormtrooper how can I do this
2004-08-14, 12:07 PM #2
Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast?

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2004-08-14, 4:50 PM #3
if JO... Rename the storm tropper pic names and model names to kyle folder.. same with JA.. the err.. that dir path in the models/players for a custom make your own model.. im lazy.. too lazy to look.. lassev will you be so kind to help this person? :P

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2004-08-14, 10:42 PM #4
For JO it's as simple as you said. For JA, you gotta read my Forced Single Player Playermodel tutorial. It's not as simple as in JO, but it's far easier than flying a helicopter (in a storm).

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2004-08-15, 5:05 AM #5
what kind of storm?

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2004-08-15, 8:46 AM #6
Sorry It was Jedi outcast
2004-08-15, 9:31 AM #7
The kind of storm that gives a friendly boost to the speed of the helicopter.

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