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JK2 Radiant Question
2004-08-25, 7:42 AM #1
I read the tutorial on this website about making switch doors, it says I need the caulk texture I cant seem to find it, though I know that in quake three the caulk texture comes in a .pk3 called "common-spog", so I put that in my base dirrectory... But my caulk brushes actually have solid form and shape in the game can I get some help?
And shouldnt the game come with the caulk texture?
2004-08-25, 11:17 AM #2
For the editor, use GTKradiant. Get it at and select the JK2 package.

JK2 has a flaw, amoung others, that doesn't show all the system shaders. Caulk doesn't appear along with origin, nodraw, weather, and so on.

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