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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → *Cracks fingers* This is questions.. Regarding animations.. And scripting..
*Cracks fingers* This is questions.. Regarding animations.. And scripting..
2004-08-30, 5:37 PM #1
This is for JA btw.. Alright, I am no newb to textures, skinning, and sshaders.. Nor mapping or map scripting.. Well some advanced mapping such as making brushs act as some sort of animation in junction with the effects entity.. But never mind that.. This is to do with player animations.. Ragdoll physics.. And the scripting that involves it.. Physko in lucasforums has a bone skeleton for ragdoll physic/animaiting right?

Is there a solid tutorial to give a very easy explination of how to make custom animations? Also if you replace one custom animation, can you change the scripting? Like.. What if you made a knife model.. And as secondary you grab him in a choke hold.. So hit secondary a first time, and then if you hit secoundary a secound time.. You can slit his throat.. I am just woundering if you can do this in SP? Re-write the code that is.. Not make new code lines but re-write.. It possible to do? Make a kill zone effective enough so you can act like some sword weilding, I want to use a person as a human sheild then cut their throat person?

I know somehow it can be possible.. Well show me the way and I will grovel at your feet!

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2004-08-30, 5:54 PM #2
Well, this more of a coding question. I can tell you that it may not be possible to do this knife killing thing in SP (because Raven has not released the source code). It could probably be done in MP (the source code for that is available.)

I don't know if these animations could be done with scripting. Probably through lots of coding work and modeling animations.

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Sorry. :/

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2004-08-30, 6:42 PM #3
Hey man its alright, I mean.. It does involve coding.. But if worst comes to shove.. Make a sketch/story board.. To do combat animations.. To suit the characters personality traits.. And ask request from a animator who finds the work easy to do.. I mean I can do virtually everything else.. Just rag doll animations.. Very scarey issue for me! If JA was more.. Rag doll friendly.. I would go all fours and be the happiest person.. But nope.. They arnt! I wish it was a click of the button.. Isnt dragon working on a tool kit for such a thing? Custom animation maker thingy? Does that ring any bells? Well.. If he does release it.. To what I hope it can do.. Then I will buy him a copy of halo 2! if he doesnt own a xbox.. a copy of MGS3 snake eater.. if he doesnt own a ps2.. Then.. I will get him a russin bride! I am serious about the games thou.. :P.. Gotta motivate the guy!

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2004-08-30, 10:04 PM #4
You could overwrite animations in SP, that's possible. However, you cannot have any actual effects for those new animations. So, the player could swing the blade, but the throat would never be cut.

For a JA SP mapper/modder, it's best to keep ambitions running low. You can do all the things Raven did in the original campaign and a few other tricks, but that's about it. With the SP engine, Colosseum for JO is about as far as you can go.

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2004-08-31, 7:17 AM #5
if poster == SilentSavur
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2004-08-31, 7:22 AM #6
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2004-09-01, 6:29 PM #7
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jEDIkIRBY:
if poster == SilentSavur
char ".." == char ","



Har Har... very funny!

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