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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → adding music to a map
adding music to a map
2004-09-03, 11:02 PM #1
how do i do it?

i have some music i want to add, and i've no idea how to go about doing it...:(

and if u post how to do it, then make it kinda easy to understand cause i'm a complete noob at this stuff.....
2004-09-04, 10:17 AM #2
Use the worldspawn entity and type in for the key:


And for the value, type in the location of your music file in your base folder. For example:


Remember to pack your music file (if it is a custom one) in your .pk3 file.

You could also use target_speaker for music (if you set it correctly).
2004-09-05, 7:30 AM #3
If you're a noob at GTK Radiant (or JK2 Radiant... which barely, anyone uses) than you can go to this site:

With a little bit of tweaking, you can easily change most of his stuff (from JK2 Radiant) to GTK Radiant.

Rich, is an excellent mapper, but he's been idle... and away. :p

You can also go to:

Claxon's site is very limited, but you can often get through to him via by his e-mail. And he is very explanatory.

Hope I've helped if you needed those two sites. :D
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