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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Lighting Problems
Lighting Problems
2004-09-18, 10:41 AM #1
hi im an editor for JO using JK2radiant and also i am using rich diesal as a tutorial site to make myself get better at it. at the moment im on brushes 201 - liquids. and at this point when i compile using BSP FULLVIS and test my map the whole room is really really bright even though i have the light settings low, and every other time i tested my map it was fine with normal light settings and now all of my maps are doing the same....... is this a common error? if so can it be fixed?

2004-09-18, 4:40 PM #2
Don't use JK2Radiant. Use GTKradiant for JO ( [url][/url] ). It is basically like JK2Radiant, but better (and leass buggy).
2004-09-20, 5:26 AM #3
Don't forget to download the latest q3map2 at [url][/url]
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