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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → problems!
2004-10-04, 5:28 PM #1
I'm making a simple hangar map for J/O. There are many of them but I'm just trying to get used to GTK radiant.
I found these problems and after much work cannot sem to solve them, help would be nice.

Problem 1
I used this blue forcefield texture for my hangar bay exit for the Tie Fighters but instead of the moving texture i would see in game i get this blank blue wall that should be moving it is black where it should be clear

/Edit! I got a picture of my problem here!

Problem 2

I put some rows and columns of tie fighters up on the ceiling but they are etherial i can walk right through them, they dont seem to have a solid model to them. How can i make them solid? Is using caulk the only way?

Last There are the hangar doors for people to walk through.
I wish for these doors to work in harmony as a group if one opens the other opens

2004-10-04, 5:42 PM #2
Problem1- What picture? Huh?

Problem2- Caulk isn't what needs to be used. You need to use a physics_clip brush. Cover the model nicely with this brush to make the model seem solid.

Problem3- Make the door triggers point to every door. So when one door trigger is activated, it triggers all the doors that it points to to open.

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