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Weird Problem
2004-10-08, 9:00 PM #1
I'm working on a singleplayer project... and I bsp my map and everything, but when I test the level, some of the brushes are like passable... like you can go right through them as if there were no collision. I have been mapping for over a year and never had this problem.. it just started happening. Does anyone know why its doing this or how to fix it?

Here are some screenshots of whats occuring:

Weird eh?
2004-10-08, 11:48 PM #2
i dont know anything about this problem, but maybe i have a idea.

1. Do a brush cleanup
2. Dont you have a caulk_water or caulk_lava brushes>
3. Are there no errors in compiling?
2004-10-09, 12:45 AM #3
caulk_nonsolid probably is what's causing this.

Go to textures->find/replace and switch them to regular caulk, then retexture the places that need to have caulk_nonsolid.
2004-10-09, 5:49 AM #4
Nope... everything is normal caulk, no compile errors, and i've done brush cleanup many times. Sometimes if I recreate the brush it fixes the problem, but I've tried fixing this one brush 5 times, but still the same thing.
2004-10-09, 7:41 AM #5
Check that you're not using any other shaders with surfaceparm nonsolid on the brush.
2004-10-09, 8:13 AM #6
Are there certain textures that seem to be a problem?
2004-10-09, 4:16 PM #7
if it's specific textures your having problems with, it might be because they have noclip somewhere in the name... that's all i can think of
2004-10-09, 5:29 PM #8
Ok yeah... all the brushes that were acting up had metal2_noclip on them somewhere... so i fixed it now. Thanks for the help.
2004-10-10, 6:59 PM #9
np :)

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