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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Need a custom texture
Need a custom texture
2004-10-10, 7:03 PM #1
I need a water texture... it needs to be pretty big (512x512) and have the water flowing out from the center... I'm asking for it here, because i can't figure out the shader editing program that came with my old map editor, if somebody can point me to a good tutorial for ShaderEd2, that would be just as good :)
2004-10-11, 6:12 AM #2
Why do even need to use ShaderEd? Just open the shader files with notepad.

For textures, look at the texture thread sticky.
2004-10-11, 7:12 AM #3
indeed, just use notepad for your shader needs.

and be sure to check out this shader manual
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