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2004-10-18, 5:40 PM #1
How the heck you get a spotlight like the one in the Rancor mission in t2_rancor. See image below.
How do you get the backsides made to be invisible?
Jedi rocks rule the house...
2004-10-18, 5:46 PM #2
Here is the entity thing for that light


and if you need the texture things


and if you want to see it in radiant


if you want the entitiy details for the big red thing at the top see the first image in this post.
Jedi rocks rule the house...
2004-10-18, 5:56 PM #3
The light doesn't make the beam.

The beam is a cylinder - a patch mesh - with a special shader applied. The shader in question is in the common set and is probably named something like DUSTY BEAM.

Also, your image doesn't work.
2004-10-18, 6:01 PM #4
It has nothing to do with light entites. There are shaders in the common folder for textures called dark_dust, dark_orange, dark_yellow and so on. Use these shaders for a brush that is shapped as the light beam. Make sure the shader is fitted nicely and use no_draw shaders for part of the beam that must be clear.
2004-10-18, 6:01 PM #5
I edited the images, I dont know if they work. But thanks, I think I got it! Let me test...
Jedi rocks rule the house...
2004-10-18, 6:12 PM #6
That what I got, Ill be bak tommorow, please if you have and comments, post them. But make them helpful please.
Jedi rocks rule the house...
2004-10-24, 12:58 PM #7
How do you get the light to die gradually?
Is it the shader used?
Jedi rocks rule the house...
2004-10-25, 2:42 AM #8
The shaders use a gradient texture. So, yes.
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2004-10-25, 12:01 PM #9
What you have there is exactly what you're looking for. The only thing wrong is its orientation and UV. If you flip it upside down and stretch the texture so the "fading" part of the gradient is how you want it, it should look just like the Rancor mission screenshot.
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