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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → jk2radient map to bsb help
jk2radient map to bsb help
2004-10-21, 10:09 AM #1
I have just started editing and making maps so i'm not sure what i'm doing. i try to save my map so i can test it but it says it needs to be bsp instead of map. i do like the tutorils say but it just makes a bak file not bsp. pleas help me.
2004-10-21, 2:32 PM #2
Use GTK Radient.
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2004-10-21, 3:08 PM #3
Look in the bars at the top with file and edit and stuff, theres one called bsp or compile, pick test (Meta, vis, fast light) Then test your map
2004-10-22, 9:01 AM #4
you should know, if you're useing jk2radiant the bsp option will not have "meta".
That's a q3map2 option.

GO HERE and get GTK Radiant.
I believe the newest stable version is 1.4.0.
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2004-10-22, 1:37 PM #5
i figured it out but now i can't play the maps. i put it into the base/maps folder but it still wont find it in the game. oh and does gtkradient work for jedi outcast? i thought it was for acadamy
2004-10-22, 5:54 PM #6
No, it's for both.
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2004-10-22, 6:01 PM #7
get version 1.4 though if you get it. gtk 1.5 ive heard is not great.
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2004-10-23, 5:50 AM #8
Yeah, use 1.4.....1.5 is crap.

And GTK works will a whole bunch of games if I'm not mistaken: Outcast, Academy, Half-Life, Quake 3, Elite Force, etc....pretty much every Q3 engine game I'd assume.
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2004-10-24, 10:56 AM #9

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