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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → background textures for jedioutcast
background textures for jedioutcast
2004-10-23, 1:41 PM #1
well i can make brushes with sky textures but how do i make the background a sky and what are the rules of using it to avoid leaks? im using gtk 1.4
2004-10-23, 2:07 PM #2
I assume you are using the actual sky textures instead of the shader? :confused:

You use the sky shaders (marked with the words "sky" in the editor texture) in the "skies" folder. Don't use the actual pictures of the sky box. Some work, some cause HOM effects, so try some out (or look at the shader lines).
2004-10-23, 2:26 PM #3
WELL THANK YOU! i used the artus sky and got my result a nice sky that eminates light
thanks alot
2004-10-23, 2:35 PM #4
/me does "You're welcome" dance.
2004-10-24, 11:20 AM #5
arrh, you always beat me to it echo. Well yeah do what he said, and you know you can always make your own sky shaders. You can use a program such as terragen to generate the images, then put them together in the shader.
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2004-10-25, 2:39 AM #6
Wedge's Terragen tutorial:
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2004-10-26, 2:10 PM #7
ahh, cool I didnt know wedge released a tutorial on it. I always went by an old one I found on Claudec's Lair of Shaders.
Flipsides crackers are the best crackers to have ever existed

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