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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → anyone willing to make a mod
anyone willing to make a mod
2004-10-27, 7:18 PM #1
I'm looking for someone to make a mod for jedi knights 2: jedi oucast that replaces the flag in capture the flag mode with a small teddy bear. pleazzzzzzzz someone make this it would be the coolest thing for me seeing as i'm a megatokyo fan.
2004-10-27, 7:23 PM #2
And the main concept of mod-making is flushed violently down the toilet...

Moral of story: You want a mod, you make it.
2004-10-28, 2:03 PM #3
Flipsides crackers are the best crackers to have ever existed
2004-10-28, 3:48 PM #4
Doubly agreed. It couldn't be that absolutelly difficult...
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