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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → FPS problems with JKA
FPS problems with JKA
2004-11-21, 8:37 AM #1
Sorry if this isn't quite an editing question but this seemed the most appropriate forum. I used to be on windows 98, and i could play jka fine. Now however, i've switched to XP and the green respawn bubble over a player (in multiplayer) drains my fps. Whenever myself or anyone else on the map near me respawns, it drains my fps and its really hard to play.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem or turn off the respawn bubble i'd be really grateful.
2004-11-21, 9:14 AM #2
And what graphic card are you using?
2004-11-21, 9:16 AM #3
geforce 4 mx 440

My friend had said something about XP using directx9.0 and my graphics card not supporting it?
2004-11-21, 2:00 PM #4
Have you (succesfully) updated your graphic card drivers? Don't use any drivers Microsoft is dealing out, even if they seem to work fine, because they don't have proper OpenGL support for your card, and JO/JA uses OpenGL. Get new drivers directly from NVidia, or someplace that is dealing out real NVidia drivers. And make sure the installation is succesful. If it fails, don't try to just cope with it but uninstall the failed installation and try again, and if it continues to fail, get the previous (older, that is) version of the drivers. They will most likely work.
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