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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Gtk radiant problem cant find solution
Gtk radiant problem cant find solution
2004-11-30, 6:45 PM #1
Ive searched forums and bug lists but I cannot solve my problem

I am running GtkRadiant 1.4.0 raven for jediknight 2 usage

on my older windows xp dell I can run it just fine

but on my new dell laptop with the same video card i have this problem

I can run the editor just fine but when i look at brushes depending on the distance away in the camera box of the editor all i can see are the triangles that make up the brush. THis is very hard to work with not being able to texture.
2004-11-30, 7:10 PM #2
You're not on wireframe mode or something?
2004-11-30, 8:01 PM #3
no i acn see some faces textures but most appear showing there triangles as in wireframe but partail and there is cubic clipping even when turned off
2004-12-01, 5:45 AM #4
Probably an ATI Card. Enable the ATI Driver Bug workaround from Preferences.
2004-12-01, 3:14 PM #5
it worked thank you very much

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