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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → JA getting a trigger in Multyplayer to fire more than once
JA getting a trigger in Multyplayer to fire more than once
2004-12-30, 5:20 PM #1
Is there any way I can accomplish this without learning Iccarius, I've done some Morrowind scripting before maybe it's simmilar.

I dont care how to activate the trigger either walking through it or using it.

Well actually I'm trying to spawn a reborn master everytime I press the use button but it only works once.
2004-12-31, 12:42 AM #2
thats because you didnt gotted the right keys in the NPC_spawner
2004-12-31, 12:52 AM #3
NPC_spawner? im using npc_reborn entity hmm Ive got some words from another forum but they dont make sense
2004-12-31, 9:43 AM #4
what do they say then?
2004-12-31, 12:38 PM #5
you make an npc_spawner,
set an npc_type,
make a targetname for the npc_spawner,
make a npc_target also that is the same as above

anything i missed out?

Im not to sure what all this means...
2004-12-31, 2:34 PM #6
Mind also the count parametre in entity properties. Count -1 always means indefinite.
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2004-12-31, 4:56 PM #7
2005-01-01, 11:17 AM #8
1. Right click in the 2d view. Click on NPC, and click on npc_spawner, then press 'n' so the properties of the entity will pop up.
2. Give the npc_spawner the key: 'npc_type' and the value: 'stormtrooper/reborn/cultist' or something like that
3. Also give the npc spawner the key: 'count' and the value '-1'
4. Create a trigger, target it at the spawner...and test it...
2005-01-02, 1:31 AM #9
Hmm I got it to work thx

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