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Mod team for JO mod
2005-01-09, 10:10 AM #1

i am a pretty good mapper. but i am no good at modeling or any other aspect of jo modding. so i was wondering if anyone wants to be a team. i wanted to make a splinter cell mod. if anyone has ANY interest in it please email me at :

various areas include:
creating textures
web designer (to maintain the team website)
etc etc etc
2005-01-09, 10:11 AM #2
Ummm....people usually do some work before starting a mod team.
2005-01-09, 10:13 AM #3
yeah i know

the problem is i dont know where to get started! has anyone ever made a total conversion mod before? i need some major advice!

2005-01-09, 12:34 PM #4
Logically, you start out with basic planning and layout.
2005-01-09, 2:23 PM #5
i have everything planned out in my head

i even have map and character sketches. i am currently working on the map. but i need more people for advice! i dont want to constantly go to forums for questions. it would be better if there was a permanant team. i nead a modeler to get the model ready! i have no clue about modeling whatsoever. and i need to get new animations! voice acting and yadayadayada! i cant do all that!:D

if anyone wants to model a SAM FISHER model PLEASE email me! (

anyway just saying you need a layout isnt very helpful.

2005-01-10, 5:27 AM #6
well. it is. dont do just like yadayadayada...


i wanted to do a area 51 project (closed :() look, first discribe well what you this

1. mappers

i have made sketches of maps that needs to be created, the sketches are just basic architecture and stuff. The rooms needs to be created to my liking, i am very strict in what i like and don't.

Levels to be made:

*place 1 level here*
*the second one here*

2. modelers

The team need alien models and some of sceintests (or reskinned). The models to be made must be:

*place 1 model here*
*the second one here*

that way you get much more people that are intrested. Sorry, but i cant join ya. I am allready on a mod.
2005-01-10, 8:44 AM #7
thanks man

appreciate the help

what project are you working on?
2005-01-10, 11:21 PM #8
the co-op...further information is classified.:rolleyes:
2005-01-12, 1:59 PM #9
hehhe co-op. Yeah I agree with need help. I would do some concept art/scetches. I would also show off some of your other mapping work, just to show that you've got the right stuff.
I also suggest you move to JA, unfortunetly no one really plays JO much, and besides, the JA MP source was released some time ago.
Flipsides crackers are the best crackers to have ever existed
2005-01-12, 6:01 PM #10
Yes. JO MP online kinda...died. JA has a better online support, but still small.

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