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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → !Model not working in game!!
!Model not working in game!!
2005-01-09, 2:42 PM #1
im new to modeling and this was my fist model for Jedi Outcast.

i didnt make it from scratch. i just cut the luke head and stuck it on a stormtrooper body (you know, like from Ep 4?) using Milkshape3D 1.7.2. Then i compiled it as a GLM and made a .SKIN file. i tried it in the game and the model came out fine, but the it doesnt 'play' any of the animations! it just stays in the standing position. and it says Bad animFile Index: -1 . You can see it here in the screenshot:

Does anybody know why this happens?
Please help!
2005-01-09, 3:34 PM #2
It appears that luke's head doesn't share the same animation as the stormtrooper. Not all models follow the same skeleton design.
2005-01-09, 3:38 PM #3
Just import the skeleton into you new .ms3d file, and re export the entire thing. I'm assuming if you've got the head assigned to the ST skeleton, it'll animate correctly. If you just replace the ST head, I can see why without importing the bones it wouldn't work.

ᴸᶥᵛᵉ ᴼᵑ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ
2005-01-09, 4:17 PM #4
where exactly are the skeletons located? i heard something about a root.xsi. i need to know what the heck it is! :(

i also have a couple of questions regarding modeling software:

1. is milkshape the best tool for modeling in milkshape?
2. is there a way to create new animations with milkshape?
3. does anybody have any good links to jk2 modeling tutorials?
2005-01-10, 5:21 AM #5
1. NO!, try to use 3ds max (if you have enough money). point 1 is that you can make boxes easy into a foot. point 2, the extrude option and the meshsmooth are heaven
2. NO!
3. try google, it came up with hundreds of good stuff for me
2005-01-10, 1:17 PM #6
where do i find the model skeletons?

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