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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → The Return of "Can This be Implemented"
The Return of "Can This be Implemented"
2005-01-14, 1:23 PM #1
Well, this should be wholly horrifying to you all-

I'd like to inquire about the perils involved in implementing custom melee weapons, including one in particular, to be mentioned in a moment. What I need to know is this:

-If another melee weapon is added, would it be possible to add it in apart from the other melee weapons? (rather than replacing something else)

-Would the player be able to select it by hitting the '1' key to cycle through any other melee weapons they have?

Now for the rough part. The melee weapon in question is a burning firebrand, and I'd very much like it to cast a healthy flickering light. Is this even possible, and would any modeling program on the market be able to do that as well as create the vexing animated flame?

Thanks in advance for bearing with me on this one.
2005-01-15, 12:04 AM #2
I think for the flame you need to create a .fx file, the rest is hardly coded.
2005-01-15, 2:37 AM #3
Originally posted by need help
...the rest is hardly coded.

I think the proper term is hard coded :p
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2005-01-15, 3:12 AM #4
Hehe, yeah. I suck at English, and anyway. When you got the weapon to work somehow and someway. It probaply will do no damage, you can only change existing weapons.
2005-01-15, 10:48 AM #5
Thanks, you two. This is starting to sound possible.

I wouldn't really need it to do anything but cast light, so damage is optional, an added bonus at best.

And as far as "hardly coded", I would have to say that Need Help is absolutely right. It will be hardly coded until I learn to code. Argh.
2005-01-15, 10:50 AM #6
You can't code SP anyway.

And it'll be able to emit light, but it won't cast shadows, nor correctly flicker. You can use a shader for the flame.

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