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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → how do you put a vehicle in a gtk radeint map?
how do you put a vehicle in a gtk radeint map?
2005-01-24, 2:28 PM #1
ok im a bit of a noob mapper, but ive been searching the internet for a while now on how to put a vehicle into a map and i cant figure it out. i can find n e thing else i want, how to make doors, curves, lighting, moving platforms ect... but i cant find this
so if n e one can post how to do this in a detailed way so i dont get confused i would greatly appreciate it
2005-01-24, 3:18 PM #2
NPC -> NPC_vehicle
2005-01-24, 3:43 PM #3
no offense but i knew that thats not my problem, once u hit n someone told me u type in vehicle for key, and the name of the vehicle for the other box, but when i do that i wind up with a white swoop with a ton of health

so if you can be a little bit more specific as what to fill in the box i would appreciate it
2005-01-24, 7:20 PM #4
You're typing in "Swoop".

Try typing in one of the following;



- Virtue.
2005-01-25, 6:58 AM #5
im not typing in swoop, im typing in rjk_harrier, which is a vehicle im reskinning, because the map im making is gona be a map based off the movie top gun, as a flight school map. and i want several of these to be in it

so if you could tell me why typing in rjk_harrier isnt working, or how to put a z-95 in or an x-wing wich ive tried and got the same result, i would appreciate it
2005-01-25, 7:33 AM #6
Well, from scratch, you would put an NPC_Vehicle in your map, select it, and press 'N'. For an X-Wing, you would give it the following;

Key: npc_type
Value: x-wing

There are other fields that you could enter to control stuff like respawning, respawn delay, killtimer etc etc aswell.

- Virtue.
2005-01-25, 8:55 AM #7
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! someone told me to use vehicle for the key, not npc_type

thank you!!!

ok... now whats the key to get it to respawn?
2005-01-25, 3:56 PM #8
To get it to respawn, you do the following;

Key: count
Value: (A Number, however many times you want it to respawn after it has been destroyed. Giving it a value of -1 means it will always respawn after it dies, having 'infinite lives')


Key: delay
Value: X (X = A number in seconds)

This will make the ship respawn an X amount of seconds after it has been destroyed.

Hope this helps. :)

- Virtue.
2005-01-26, 1:05 PM #9
ok i got the vehicles in my map, but the respawn isnt working, when they get destroyed, they just are destroyed permenatly

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