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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Force NPC's to get behind a emplaced_gun or vehicle
Force NPC's to get behind a emplaced_gun or vehicle
2005-02-07, 9:34 AM #1
Well, you saw the title, how do you let NPC's (stormie's in this case) get behind a emplaced gun or a vehicle. Because NPC's wont get behind a gun or somthing all by themself.
2005-02-07, 11:34 AM #2
Well, I don't know about vehicles, haven't tried, but this should make them use vehicles. First, copy this to BehavED and save the script where you put your own scripts:

use ( $get( STRING, "SET_PARM1")$ );

Now, in radiant, select the emplaced_gun/vehicle and give it key: targetname and value: what ever you want, for example, gun1. Next, select the NPC you want to go to emplace_gun/vehicle, and press "n". Give a key: spawnscript
and value: the location of your script
Then, give it key: PARM1 and value: the targetname of your gun, like in this example, gun1
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