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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Some variaty of quistions (most scripting)
Some variaty of quistions (most scripting)
2005-02-14, 9:14 AM #1
Allright, i was wondering if it was possible to activate AND deactivate a trigger_multiple or trigger_once, preferbly with scripting.

Also, i was wondering how to do somekind of shooting range like in t2_dpred (where you get captured bij Rax, the fat guy...JA). This is because i want it to be possible to let an elavator come down when you shoot at something.

Thank you again :D
2005-02-14, 10:42 AM #2
I use always target_activate and target_deactivate for that purpose. Give them targetnames, and you can use them via scripting.

For shot sensitivity, you can use, for example, a func_usable with a paintarget key.

You should note these methods work in SP. MP doesn't seem to recognize a paintarget key at all, and target_activate and _deactivate entities seem to have their fair share of problems in MP as well.

I hope this helps you a little with your quistions ;)
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2005-02-15, 5:57 AM #3
Thanks again Lassev,

Anyway, just to bother you a little more :D,
Is it possible to set the count of a target_counter back to the number '0'. Like, two triggers have just set the count of a target_counter to two, and i want to change it back to '0'
2005-02-15, 6:55 AM #4
A good third quistion. The entity description doesn't actually tell anything about that, or if it does, the explanation is so twisted I've failed to understand it. So I have assumed it isn't possible. Although I should point out target_counter is an entity I only use to count enemies killed, and since I don't employ zombies, one time through has been perfectly enough.

I prefer scripting (imagine that :rolleyes: ), and thus I use variables a lot to do just the thing you want to do with a target_counter. There are quite a many things you can do with both entity properties and scripting. I usually go for scripting.
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2005-02-16, 5:41 AM #5
I understand that very well. If i may ask you, i can accept the awnser ' no'. May i decompile your syndicate level.

If i do this, i swear to god, my family and the rest of that stuff that i wont steal ANY part of your scripts and/or level. If i do, you may get me to court, and charge me a million of dollars for that. This way, i would know more about scripting. Anyway, i don't want to make such puzzels like you. Because they made me mad :D!

I am currently working on a elevator that can both go up and down over 5 floors...

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