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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → P90 Model
P90 Model
2005-02-22, 6:05 PM #1
I dont know if requests are permitted but...

Can someone make me a P90 submachine gun model for Jedi Outcast? (To replace the stormtrooper blaster).

Gun Info:
2005-02-23, 8:57 AM #2
I'll make an attempt, but I promise nothing. What extensions or extras do you want on her?
ᴸᶥᵛᵉ ᴼᵑ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ
2005-02-23, 2:53 PM #3
I dont want anything fancy. just a P90 that looks like a P90.
BTW, Thanks for even attempting ;)
2005-02-24, 9:55 AM #4
You CAN'T have a P90 without taking advantage of it's versatile and award winning extension plate. CS always pissed me off because the P90 looks so plain without a silencer and flashlight/laser combo.

ᴸᶥᵛᵉ ᴼᵑ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ
2005-02-24, 2:51 PM #5
If you really want to...go for it!!
I think if this model works, its gonna kick major butt.
2005-02-24, 3:55 PM #6
Umm. Do you know how to put the model ingame?
2005-02-24, 4:04 PM #7
Yes. Yes I do.
2005-02-24, 4:52 PM #8
Ok. Just curious.

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