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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Making npc files?
Making npc files?
2005-03-17, 6:27 AM #1
Hello again!!!
I am here now because I want to play as my ARC Clone Trooper in SP mode for Jedi Academy
Looks like I need to make an NPC file first to use him well... How to?
2005-03-17, 8:17 AM #2
what do you want him to be, your player?
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2005-03-17, 12:06 PM #3
Check out the npc files under base/ext_data. You can see how you can add and alter npcs.

If you want to spawn that new NPC, use NPC_spawner and state what NPC you want to use with the key, npc_type
2005-03-17, 12:34 PM #4
*drip of sweat on face*
I looked at all the NPC files and wonder how to add the GLM and if you didnt understand yes I want the PC to be my model but I think I have to turn him into an npc first.
2005-03-21, 6:40 AM #5
Look around here first, buddy. Tutorials>Jedi Outcast Tutorials>Single Player JO Maps Part 1.
Covers some fundamental points for creating single player maps, such as how to launch your SP map as a proper Mod, specifying what character model to spawn your hero as, and controlling what gear they spawn with.
2005-03-23, 5:03 AM #6
Sorry to be prude but this is for JA and that wasnt helpful try reading a thread befire replying ;)
And Ive read ever JO tut on massassi :)
2005-03-23, 5:05 AM #7
If it's just for yourself, enter "playermodel [modelname]" in the console.
2005-03-23, 8:38 AM #8
Small thing to make it easier - theres a programme called npc creator, might be on jk3files
2005-03-23, 3:07 PM #9
Sorry...Forgot the JO/JA methods were different. :o

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