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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Milkshape.
2005-04-18, 11:46 PM #1
I bought it and learned the hard way IT is impossible for me to im port a JA skeleton from a .glm file.

am I right? or do I need to make a skeleton from scratch?
2005-04-19, 12:47 AM #2
I think I remember seeing a few plugins that could do that... I just can't remember if it was JK or JA.... I've not used the program much, however I do think it is possible
2005-04-19, 1:24 AM #3
JA And JK2 and SOF2 use GLM files the importer that came with milkshape I have confirmed will not import bones or the skeleton its supposed to import 72 bones it only imports 0
Need to find this or im buying 3dsmax 7:p
2005-04-20, 10:52 AM #4
Do you honestly think there'd be an animation program for JO/JA being made if we could have just used MS3D? The ONLY program that supports bones for JO/JA is 3DSMax, but it's so expensive that it'd be a waste of time and money. besides, the animater for JO/JA is almost complete.

ᴸᶥᵛᵉ ᴼᵑ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ
2005-04-20, 11:40 AM #5
Wow I never heard of that project, ill be patient thank you :D
2005-04-20, 3:00 PM #6
Also this. I'm pretty sure this assumes you've got 3DSMax, but if you export the models as a certain type, I think MS3D might even open them; not sure.

ᴸᶥᵛᵉ ᴼᵑ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ
2005-04-20, 3:09 PM #7
And this is the only thing I could find on GLANeo, but I KNOW there's got to be a nother thread somewhere.

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2005-04-20, 9:13 PM #8
"Sorry, even saying that is against our rules. We don't condone pirating whatsoever. Exercise caution in the future -JG"
2005-04-21, 3:18 PM #9
No, don't even MENTION it, and you'll be fine.
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