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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → could someone help
could someone help
2005-04-19, 1:40 PM #1
Edit: I've finished with the first three rooms.... I have some slight archi problems.. but I wanted to know what people though. I uploaded them here. My photobucket. and would like some feedback... please keep in mind that the textures aren't the final ones and that it is only the first three rooms. Thank you for any feedback/flamming you deem I deserve. :p

The password you need is photo

I'm currently making the first level in Jedi knight and I was hoping someone out there would be willing to test it out and give feedback on it.

If you would be willing to help make this mod to that would be great

either PM me email me and post in this thread or contact me on AIM at liftedplane.

thank you

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