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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Beating a Dead Horse - Saber Problem with Models
Beating a Dead Horse - Saber Problem with Models
2005-05-03, 5:24 PM #1
Really beating a dead horse here, IMO anyway, but it's been so long since I've edited Outcast and I can't seem to find the solution anymore and I know it's around the net somewhere but I have given in and decided to post somewhere.

Anyway, I recently edited the Ladder map for Outcast to change the reborn models to custom models and I'm having the problem where the Saber is sticking through the character, starting pretty much from his calves up.

Forgot how to fix that.
2005-05-04, 11:51 AM #2
I remember this problem in the old days of JO. Let me see if I can dig up an old thread about this issue.
2005-05-04, 2:29 PM #3
Thanks in advance.

Really bugs me with that issue. Replaced some of the reborn with models such as Coleman Trebor but they all had that problem. Yet I recently changed one of the reborns to Jedi_Dooku and it worked perfectly. Really confused me there.

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