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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → please help me :-)
please help me :-)
2005-05-27, 11:22 AM #1
Im new to level editing only been using it for 2 weeks so if my questions have been asked a thousand times before im sorry :).

I was talking to this guy i see every now and then on a game server and told him ive only just started trying to learn about jk2radiantand told him that i cant put rocks and brick walls in my levels, he said to add models and textures to your level unpack assests into your base folder using winzip, so i did, the textures came up and a few like skys and water and stuff did not come up mostly black and red check boxes, and when i tried to use misc_model map objects all i got was a message saying =

Unable to open the file "c:/programe files/lucasarts/star wars jedi knight jedi academy/gamedata/base/models/map_objects/yavin/trunk.md3",

And i few days later i saw him again and told him about errors he said try an editor called GKtRadiant and try agian i did and about the same amount of missing textures came up , but the models seemed to work, until i tried to add a tree to my level, the main bit was there but the leafs all say shader missing and i cant get skys there are black and red like when i used jk2radiant i know the models are there but i would love to go back to Jk2radiant and have all the textures shaders and models working, is there any way i can and please can some put a step by step guided to do it please.

or should i stick to GKtradiant and just be pleased that some of the models work lol, but my level was going to be a yavin and be outside with a sky lol, please can you help me guys :-).

Thankyou for your time i hoped i made sense lol.
2005-05-27, 11:46 AM #2
First, please type better. Seriously, it's a hard to read.

Second, don't use JK2radiant. It has problems, including the usage of misc_model. Errors appear regarding those models, but not in GTKradiant. So, use GTKradiant (it has more features too).

Make sure your editor is pointing to the right paths (check under Preferences). The red and black pictures must mean the editor can't find the right files. Make sure it is finding the textures in your assests.pk3 files.

You don't need to unpack the assest files with WinZip. It won't help and will just take up space.

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