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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Request
2005-05-30, 10:09 PM #1
im not sure where to post this but im new, therefore have an excuse.

i cant remember where i saw it but i have seen a pacman jedi academy map somewhere, as in the maze type thing.

i had an idea but i am absolute crap at making maps, how about a zone 3 map (laser tag) i have a map of my local zone 3...


if that doesnt work...


white circles = barrels
black circles = barrels stacked on top
Black line = wall
strange cirlcle with x in it = base / flag
Cannon is behind like barbed wire and can be set off by shooting it
Party room has a couple of tables with chairs around them
the briefing room hass 3 benches, 1 for each colour team adjacent to the teams doors (example to the best of my ability \=== "\" is the door and "=" is the bench:confused:

the big black thing next to blue base is a sort of water tank type thing.

ill try to get some pictures of inside for you but there is a fairly simple map for you if you want a crack at it
2005-05-31, 4:01 AM #2
You should really do it yourself and learn the editor. I don't think anyone will be interested in doing this amount of work for a favor.
2005-06-01, 2:51 PM #3
i got a mod that i cant get to work in single player but the multyplayer part of it works, and when i try to play it in single player it says the npc files were to large and it stops loading at a file.

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